System of Rice Intencification (SRI)

Assessment of different methods of rice (Oryza sativa. L) cultivation affecting growth parameters, soil chemical, biological, and microbiological properties, water saving, and grain yield in rice–rice system
Transforming Rice Production with
SRI (System of Rice Intensification)
Knowledge and Practice

  More Rice for People
More Water for the Planet
Africare, OXFAM, WWF report
  More rice with Less Water
  Down to Earth: Saving Rice
Saving Rice and More with less
  Towards a Learning Alliance
SRI in Orissa
  More Rice with Less Water -
Small State, Big Results

  System of Rice Intensification
Experiences of Farmers in India

  System of Rice Intensification (SRI)
(Telugu Language)

  SRI Method of Paddy Cultivation

  SRI Weeders Manual

  SRI Innovation History
and Institutional Challenges

  Report on an exposure visit on
SRI activities in Tripura, April 22-24, 2007

  Experiences of SRI Farmers
Warangal districtof Andhra Pradesh

3rd National Symposium on SRI
Policy Dialogue on Up-Scaling SRI

  Newsletter Issue 1

  Newsletter Issue 2
  Newsletter Issue 3
  Newsletter Issue 4
  Newsletter Issue 5

  Newsletter Issue 6

Sustainable Sugarcane Initiative (SSI)

SSI Manual (Spanish language)

SSI More with Less
Farmers from the Field
(SSI) Sustainable Sugarcane Initiative
Producing ‘More with Less’
  Sustainable Sugarcane Initiative
Improving Sugarcane Cultivation in India
  SSI Training Manual in Tamil
  SSI Training Manual in Orissa
  SSI Booklet in Orissa
  SSI Newsletter
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