Bio-fuels are going to be immensely significant for the future direction of Indian agriculture. The crop based and bio-mass based fuels can significantly contribute to the growth of rural development. Unfortunately, the initial enthusiasm and euphoria evoked by Jetropha plantations has resulted in major disappointment. Lot of government money and private sector investments have gone into these projects, with little or no returns.

In pursuit of addressing various issues in bio-fuels energy sectot, AgSri will be working in four aspects a) finding and promoting right choices for bio-masses including crop wastes, waste material after processing oils, sugarcane waste, etc., b) decentralized production units which create employment and stimulate rural economy, small production centres using local materials and also promoting small scale hedge plantings and finding new materials which are not used but grown in India, c) creating markets to stimulate the existing production and d) working for policy changes in promoting bio-fuels in the local transport sector, particularly for machines which are essentially used in the agriculture and rural development sectors.

AgSri is currently working on certification and with existing small production centres through the Roundtable on Sustainable Bio-fuels (RSB) and establishing markets in India as part of a strategy towards changing the domestic policy framework in order to use bio-fuels for the transport sector.

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