Sustainable Agri-Business Innovations

AgSri aims in being the leading global providers of Innovative Sustainable Solutions to the growers, Agri-industry chain and Water sector. AgSri is a pioneer in India in promoting "More with Less" solutions thereby helping farmers and industry in crop yield and production. AgSri has its services in promoting and educating the farmers and the industrial sector to design, implement and follow the sustainable farming practices for Rice and Sugarcane crops through System of Rice Intensification (SRI) and Sustainable Sugarcane Initiative (SSI) technologies.

About AgSri

AgSri is focused in promoting "More with Less" thereby developing and expanding the potential for Agriculture sector. AgSri implements technologies which are farmer friendly and ecologically sustainable such as Sustainable Sugarcane Initiative (SSI) and System of Rice Intensification (SRI).


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Chairman’s Message for 2022

AgSri has completed 11 years in 2021. Now we are in 2022. AgSri as Startup Company has gone through the excitement and optimism. After the Awards and press coverage, the reality kicks in. In the harsh world of money and business, the only yard stick for any company's success is "profitability" comes into forefront. AgSri not yet able to measure up to that yard stick of investors and bankers, but it is improving. The agriculture is far more difficult sector for investors, particularly when there are no IPs and no input related product often with chemicals. In India still agriculture is deemed as an occupation for farmers and agriculturalists but has not attracted the investors as a business opportunity. AgSri ticked all the boxes "Social Enterprise" - saving water, saving seed, cheap jordans using less chemical inputs, improving the farmers income, creating jobs particularly for women. But all these are not enough to attract investors even the public sector bankers.

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