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AgSri's work is strengthened by partnerships with major companies in Agri-business sector. AgSri collaborates with some of the most recognized organizations in the industry. We are dedicated to establishing strong, strategic partnerships to provide the most innovative technologies, solutions, and services needed to fulfill our clients' needs and requirements. Our clients and partners include Farmers, Cooperatives, Industry, Multi-Lateral Funding Agencies (MLFA's) and Government agencies. They facilitate rapid scaling of innovative approaches and an equal stake in the process of environmentally-friendly development.

The Millennium Alliance is an inclusive platform to leverage Indian creativity, expertise, and resources to identify and scale innovative solutions being developed and tested in India to address development challenges that will benefit base of the pyramid populations across India and the world The MA is a network to bring together.

  • To establish modern seedling production facility with the capability to produce atleast 5 million high quality seedlings in 3 years.
  • Support 1000 first time SSI implementing farmers in 3 years by training and subsiding them to implement SSI in one acre per farmer.
  • Provide Training to 1000 farmers in 3 years in the technique of SSI through multimedia and practical training session in villages spread over two key sugarcane growing districts of Maharashtra & Telangana.
  • Generating additional income to small farmers through higher yields.
  • Improving sugarcane quality by promoting newer and better varieties.

FICCI's Millennium Alliance aims at supporting and scaling-up low-cost, innovative solutions. It is a joint initiative of FICCI, Department of Science & Technology, Government of India and the United States Agency for International Development. It was launched during July 2012 as an inclusive platform for social impact funds, venture capitalists, corporate foundations, early investors, and donors to support and scale innovative solutions for base of the pyramid populations in India and around the world.

Nestlé India is a subsidiary of Nestlé S.A. of Switzerland. With eight factories and a large number of co-packers, Nestlé India is a vibrant Company that provides consumers in India with products of global standards and is committed to long-term sustainable growth and shareholder satisfaction. The interventions of paddy and sugarcane cultivation are to turn Nanjangud catchment of Kabini basin from acute water shortage to water surplus basin.

AgSri is to promote sustainable practices of cultivation i.e., System of Rice Intensification (SRI) and Sustainable Sugarcane Initiative (SSI) in the Nanjangud catchment area thereby improving the water productivity and water reduction engaging farmers. The goal is to reduce atleast 20% if current water use by agriculture and improving 20% productivity of paddy and sugarcane crops by 2017. AgSri's contribution to achieve this goal is to implement SSI and SRI method of cultivation practices in Kabini basin in Mysore district of Karnataka and provide training for 750 farmers over a period of three years in SSI and SRI methodologies.

Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) Dahigaon Ne, Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra The Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) Dahigaon ne is a district level Farm Science Center established by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), New Delhi established at Shri Marutrao Ghule Patil Shikshan Sanstha at Dahigaon, Tal- Shevgaon Dist- Ahmednagar for speedy transfer of technology to the farmers' fields. The aim of KVK is to reduce the time lag between generation of technology at the research institutions and its transfer to the farmer's field for increasing production, productivity and income from the agriculture and allied sectors on a sustained basis. AgSri and KVK have come together with the intention of promoting and implementing the SSI practices of Sugarcane cultivation amongst member of farmers of KVK.

Shree Siddheshwar Sahakari Sakhar Kharkhana Ltd. Solapur District, Maharashtra Shree Siddheshwar Sahakari Sakhar Kharkhana Ltd. is a sugar producing farmers’ Co-operative, which runs a 5,000 TCD Sugar factory at Solapur. They have an operational area of approximately 50,000 acres, where they regularly procure Sugarcane from. As a part of Cane Development activity of Sugar Factory, it is interested in collaborating with AgSri for helping increase average per acre sugarcane yields of its member farmers, improve overall quality of sugarcane and reduce usage of water in sugarcane cultivation in its catchment.

Vishwaraj Sugar Industries Limited, Bellam-Bagewadi, Belgaum District, Karnataka Vishwaraj Sugar Industries Limited engages in the manufacture and sale of sugar in India. It is also involved in the generation of power through operating co-generation unit with an installed capacity of 36.4 MW. In addition, the company supplies ethanol for blending with motor spirit/petrol to oil marketing companies. Further, it engages in blending and bottling of Indian made foreign liquor; and the provision of whisky and rum under the brand name of Our Choice. The company, formerly known as Vishwanath Sugar and Steel Industries Limited, was incorporated in 1995 and is based in Belgaum, India.

Kalike ‘Kalike’ was registered as an associate organisation of Tata Trusts (www.srtt.org), to work as a nodal agency for the Kalike Samruddhi Upakram initiative. ‘Kalike’ strives to facilitate deep, large scale and long-term impact on the quality of life through education (early child care to skills development), health (nutrition) and livelihoods (agricultural practices) in North Karnataka with a specific focus on Yadgir.

West Kenya Sugar Company Limited (WEKSCOL) West Kenya Sugar Company Limited (WEKSCOL) is the largest sugar producers in Kenya. WEKSCOL has approximately 65,000 out growers who supply sugarcane regularly. WEKSCOL has two sugar mills which are located in South Kabras, Kakamega County and Ndhiwa, Homabay County. WEKSCOL has committed to work with the sugarcane growers to improve the productivity and profitability of the producers providing services and technical assistance to farmers in order to produce better cane. To achieve this goal, WEKSCOL has welcomed the efforts of AgSri to promote and establish SSI with their out growers. AgSri's service is to provide technical knowledge to implement SSI to the farmers and establish required facilities to raise enough seedlings for transplanting 240ha of the land.

Resource Plan Ltd. Resource Plan Ltd is a leading consultancy firm in Work Study, Human Resource Management, Land and Water Management Services and Productivity Improvement. The Company has two Divisions: The Work Study & Management Division which specializes in Work Study, Industrial Engineering, Human Resource Management Services, Strategic Planning and Management and Technical Training. The Land & Water Management Division specializes in Land and Water Management and Environment Services. AgSri with Resource Plan Ltd. team implemented SRI method of paddy cultivation in more than 300 acres during 2015-16 to promote SRI practices and trained more than 400 farmers. Some five pilot sites were selected for SRI piloting in the three schemes namely; Blocks F and M in Ahero, Konyango and Komuga farmer groups in SISO (South West Kano), and Block C4 in West Kano.

Solidaridad is an international civil society organization facilitating the development of socially responsible, ecologically sound, and profitable supply chains. The mission of Solidaridad is to bring together supply chain actors and engage them in innovative solutions to improve production, ensuring the transition to a sustainable and inclusive economy that maximizes the benefit for all.

Solidaridad and AgSri signed an agreement under the Schokland Fund to implement the SSI technology among the smallholder farmers in India. The objective of the study was to improve the livelihoods of sugarcane growing farmers by enhancing productivity of land and minimizing usage of water and reducing footprint of sugarcane cultivation. The duration of the project was 24 months and started from January 2011.

Gold Standard for the Global Goals is designed to quantify, certify and maximise the impacts of climate and development initiatives towards climate security and sustainable development. Every project certified under Gold Standard must not only protect our climate, but contribute to at least three of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

First Climate is a globally leading provider of green investments expertise, climate neutral & water services and environmental consulting. We are guided by our objective to assist businesses and investors in reducing their impact on our global climate.

Water Benefit Partners (WBP) is a Public Private Partnership (PPP) that developed the Water Benefit Standard (WBS). The WBS is an innovative results-based financing mechanism to support additional water projects in regions particularly affected by water related problems based on the issuance and sale of Water Benefit Certificates (WBCs).

AgSri's main contribution is its interaction with farmers by training and supporting them to apply SSI methods and building trust in the results. Through revenue from selling WBCs, AgSri anticipates expanding from the existing 1,500 farmers currently using the technique to 20,000 in five years’ time. The extra WBC revenue shall subsidize educational campaigns as well as the cost of seedlings to farmers to encourage wider application of these water-saving practices.

Agro EcoEnergy (T) Ltd is a private Agro Industrial Development Company registered in 2007 under Tanzanian company law. It is a subsidiary of the Swedish based EcoEnergy Africa AB. Agro EcoEnergy has formed a special purpose project company called Bagamoyo EcoEnergy Ltd (BEE) with the expressed purpose of developing a modern sugar cane plantation and factory producing sugar, ethanol and power for the Tanzanian market. AgSri's service is to explore the suppliers of materials in India and establish required infrastructure in Tanzania with the assistance of local workers to raise upto 4 lakh seedlings.

Natural Resource Management Center (NRMC) To give focused attention and facilitate NRM activities on a larger scale, NABARD has set up a Natural Resource Management Center (NRMC) at Kolkata. NRMC has a vision as a brand institution of NABARD and an institution of excellence, which will facilitate the thematic leadership role of NABARD in NRM sector. AgSri's assistance towards NRMC-NABARD was to design and develop SSI manuals and Case Studies for 1,000 copies each.