Consultancy Services

AgSri provides end to end Consulting Solutions and Services as well as partnership basis for agriculture projects for various scope, size and resources addressing issues of Livelihood Development and Food Security. We offer consultancy for piloting, innovative agriculture projects for Governments, Multi-Lateral Funding Agencies and Corporate companies, cutting across diverse crops and climate zones. Our areas of services are in:

Agricultural Development Consultancy

  • Project Management
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Training and Capacity Building
  • Techno-commercial Documentation
  • Research and Development

Natural Resource Management

  • Watershed management
  • Land use planning
  • Biodiversity conservation
  • The future sustainability of industries like agriculture, mining, and forestry

Water Resources Evaluation and Management

  • Drainage mapping
  • Watershed Delineation and Characterization
  • Irrigation Panning and management

GIS and Remote Sensing

  • Mapping
    1. Land Use land cover
    2. Soil
    3. Drainage / water resources
    4. Crop
  • Analysis
    1. Soil derivative mapping
    2. Land evaluation
    3. Crop acreage
    4. Crop suitability
  • Planning
    1. Land resources development plan
    2. Water resources development plan
    3. Crop production improvement plan
  • Monitoring and evaluation
    1. Land Use land cover change
    2. Cropping pattern change

Our expertise

  • SSI seedling nursery unit establishment
  • SSI and SRI methodology training to Trainers and Farmers
  • GIS and Remote Sensing for Agriculture, Mining and Environmental impacts
  • Survey, Mapping and Planning
  • Project Management
  • Technical Management such as Proposals, Presentations, etc.
  • Partnering Subject Matter Expertise