Training & Education

AgSri focuses on providing solutions in Agriculture sector for improving the farm productivity and income while reducing the input costs. AgSri provides Training and Education to all stakeholders- policymakers, Project Managers, Extension practitioners and Researchers - in developing the new technology thinking and skills required for large-scale implementation of agricultural innovations that can feed an increasing population, make agriculture a profitable profession, and protect the environment.

With the raising constraints in Water, Land and increased demand in Crop productivity there exist a need for Sustainable farming. Conventional Farming practices are being replaces with innovative knowledge-intensive, employment specific and production oriented practices which require fewer resources thereby resulting in higher net income and profits to farmers and industries while reducing the footprint of present agricultural practices on the environment.

AgSri's solution to Sustainable farming is to provide expertise and infrastructure to address Sustainable farming to the stakeholders as these relate to innovative and transformative crop production techniques such as System of Rice Intensification (SRI) and Sustainable Sugarcane Initiative (SSI). AgSri provides training to improve awareness among Policymakers and Senior Managers of Organizations and Institutions who oversee funding and implementation of Agricultural initiatives which would serve as a Decision Support System. AgSri also provides Training of Trainers with the focus to develop technically proficient cadres of trainers to government and NGO agencies, Farmer Experts who live and work among farmers.

AgSri has successfully conducted the following Trainings and Seminar:

  • National Seminar on "Sustainable Sugarcane Initiative (SSI)" with an objective of improving the cane productivity in India by promoting SSI in at least 50% of sugarcane cultivated area and improving the yields by 20% and reduce the cost of cultivation by 25% while reducing the water consumption by 30%. About 100 participants from varied fields participated was conducted in August, 2011 for 2 days in Coimbatore.
  • Training of Trainers meet on "Rice Production with System of Rice Intensification (SRI)" was conducted on June, 2011 for 5 days in the month of June and was held at Hyderabad.
  • Training of Trainers meet on "Rice Production with System of Rice Intensification (SRI)" was conducted in last week of June and October, 2012 for 5 days in Hyderabad. The objective of the training was to create professional expertise in SRI from theory to practice.