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  Implementation of SSI -
practices among smallholders in rural India
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Sustainable Agri-Business Innovations

AgSri brings grassroots research experiences to scale agricultural innovations in making farming profitable to farmers and industry.

Agriculture is in major crisis and sustainable agriculture is no more a debate but a reality. We know that current standard approaches of using more seed, fertilizers and water is not helping farmers and industry and is resulting in strain on the economics of operation, water resources and environment. We have seen that getting ‘More with More’ solutions have become a problem in itself.

There is a different approach to agriculture and WE at AgSri are exactly doing this. 'More with Less' in agriculture is not only possible but highly profitable. We are designing and implementing these knowledge intensive technologies and practices in the farmers', industrial and private farming fields.

We aim to be the leading global providers of innovative sustainable solutions to the growers, agri industry chain and water sector.
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AgSri has recently received Millinium award
Water Benefit Certificate Pilot Projects
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Director’s Message

AgSri will be completing five years of its functioning in July 2015. During this period like any start up AgSri has gone through excitements and difficulties. AgSri has survived and emerged much stronger. During 2014, AgSri received Millennium award ( and Water Benefit Certificates (

These are great achievements for a start-up company. These two external recognitions each one with very rigorous independent evaluation process validated that AgSri’s scientific concept of Sustainable Sugarcane Initiative has benefited farmers in improving the crop productivity while using less water. The Millennium award is for innovation and Water Benefit Certificates for reducing water per unit of area of sugarcane cultivation (

AgSri has also reached out to Africa and African farmers. In Tanzania, AgSri has worked to establish Sustainable Sugarcane Initiative in Bagamoyo region in collaboration with Bagamoyo EcoEnergy Ltd (BEE). Hence AgSri’s work is equally valid for farmers growing sugarcane in any continent.
As part of the Millennium award, AgSri is going to work in Kenya to establish the SSI in one of the sugarcane factory command area (

Until now AgSri has executed the assignments with funding from promoters, contracts but not yet raised the capital. This year AgSri is actively working with investors to raise required money to expand its business geography by establishing four production centres mostly in Maharashtra to meet the growing demand for high quality seedlings.

AgSri has set clear internal targets to reach farmers and from April 2015 onwards it will be hiring required technical and non-technical staffs and establishing facilities to meet the demand from farmers.

10th Feb. 2015

Who We Are
We have demonstrated that "More with Less" agriculture is possible...
What We Do
We design, develop and customize farm-based technologies and practices for our clients...
  Western Kenya Sugar Company set to introduce a new variety of sugarcane

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  AgSri's SSI Programme
Telecast on LokSabha TV
April 2, 2011
SSI Manual (Spanish language)
Source: AgSri - Nabard (NRMC)
Transforming Rice Production with SRI Knowledge and Practice
Source: AgSri - Nabard (NRMC)
Source: ICRISAT-WWF Project
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